With a simple interface, the patient is able to administrate their healthcare issues and retrieve information from their journal, such as test results and prescription information. Fenix is the portal for the patient who wants to be involved in their healthcare. At the same time, the system saves valuable staff time since telephone and administration are considerably reduced. 

A variety of services

The patient is able to utilize the following services in Fenix: 

  • Read their personal medical journal
  • View lab test results 
  • Review and send requests for prescription renewal
  • Keep a health diary 
  • Ask questions of their healthcare provider 
  • Manage their appointments

High security

All information is protected by high security. The patient logs in with a username and password issued in connection with the ID check at each medical center. In addition, a one-time code via SMS is sent to the patients cell phone in conjunction with each login.

Fenix is ready to be hosted centrally and in the cloud.