Needs analysis

No health care center is the same. There are differences in ways of working, methods, concepts, stucture and more. The more we know about how your health care center works, the better IT-solution we can create. Our philosophy is that a good IT-system is tailored to the business instead of the other way around. Therefore, we have built our technology so that it can change and adjust to the costumers needs, and thus continue to work the way you think is best. 

Clear goals 

Through a deep needs analysis, we chart how the business works today, and we determine the needs, desires and expectations of the organization. From there we can tailor a solution that provides the highest possible availability through clear communication, efficient use of resources and high quality in every aspect. 

An effective method 

The basis for the analysis is a complete collection of all relevant information. We talk with the staff in various categories, and we make thorough observations on site to see how the business works. In addition, we map patient flow and make a compilation of facts about the external factors. 

A comprehensive report 

We compile the results in a report which we then go through and discuss with the staff. Based on these activities, we then determine how the IT systems will be designed to provide the best support for your business.