Business analysis

Let Enalog help you identify opportunities for improvement in your business. With consultants experienced in the health care sector and with competence within logistics in the health care sector, we guarantee valuable results. 

 Interviews, observations and accurate measurements

Together with the client we set up a project plan where we include the analytical methods that best match the customers demand. Below you can read about some of the analytical methods that we use: 

Interviews and observations- The knowledge held by employees is invaluable. Analysis therefore begins with interviews of personnel from different professions. That, in combination with observations in place, gives us a solid basis for the business analysis. 

Cycle Time Analysis - We measure the time from  the patient arrival to departure from the clinic. We also measure how long it takes for the patient to go between various stops, such as reception, laboratory, waiting room, etc. This data helps us to identify bottlenecks and increase the value-creating activities. 

Costumer Flow Analysis -Through data analysis of a queuing system, we get a good understanding of how the flows appear at a reception. We look at the distribution of both the hours and days of the week. 

Availability Analysis -We analyze the ways to contact the customer uses. It may, for example, be by telephone or contacts via the web. 

Customer survey - By controlling what is in demand, you increase the business opportunities to meet customer expectations. 

Workshop with staff 

The results are compiled in an attractive report that we present to the staff group. After the presentation, there is room for discussion about how the results can be used to improve operations. The improvement measures will be compiled with the proposals Enalog has worked out. The results are then prioritized and a plan for implementation  is worked out.

Implementing changes 

To implement the suggestions  takes time and  patience. Enalog is involved in the process of coaching and guiding activities each step of the way. After an adequate period of time, our consultants will follow-up and evaluate progress in order to ensure that the results are permanent and have had the positive effect desired.